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Re: Tile changes

On Sat, 28 Jan 2012, Chris Metcalf wrote:

> Ideally, it would also be good to update config.guess and config.sub from
> the latest upstream version.  Is there a standard process for that, or
> should I just go grab the latest and put them in a private branch to merge
> like I did for the other tile specific changes?

The GCC practice for these files is that anyone with write access may copy 
the latest versions from upstream.  I think that would be a good practice 
to follow for glibc as well.  (It does of course require people to refrain 
from making local changes to these files, as such changes would be lost on 
update from upstream.  But in practice people don't tend to make local 
changes to those files here; the last I know of were David Miller's 
changes in October 2007 to add sparcv9v2 and sparc64v2 support.  Those 
were lost in the last config.sub update to upstream because they'd never 
been added to upstream config.sub, only glibc's local copy.)

Joseph S. Myers

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