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Re: Tile changes

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Chris Metcalf <> wrote:
> If the private branches are merged, then the glibc tip will build for
> Tilera (in addition to a few changes I'll need to follow up with in
> libc-ports).
> Ideally, it would also be good to update config.guess and config.sub from
> the latest upstream version. ?Is there a standard process for that, or
> should I just go grab the latest and put them in a private branch to merge
> like I did for the other tile specific changes?
> And, Joseph Myers mentioned we could merge these changes to 2.15. ?I'm
> hopeful we can do that, but I don't know who would own the process for
> that. ?(Again, presumably after I commit the necessary follow-up changes in
> libc-ports.)

The release manager for 2.15 is responsible for changes to the 2.15 release.

I am the release manager for 2.15, so I would review the changes and we
would talk about how they would impact the stable 2.15 release.

The 2.15 release hasn't been rolled out yet because I'm reviewing failures,
but I hope to get that done this weekend and roll the release.

I will tell you right now that I'm not entirely comfortable adding a new
architecture to a stable release and I will be seeking strong rationale from
you and the community if you make a backport request to add TILE to the
stable 2.15 branch.


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