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[tile] bug fix for firstversions.awk

This change didn't rouse any discussion when I posted it the first
time, but it is required to be able to build the tile architecture
libc properly, due to the relatively novel use of "GLIBC_2.12
GLIBC_2.15" in the shlib-versions file.

2012-01-25  Chris Metcalf  <>

	* scripts/firstversions.awk: Fix bug in script that caused a version
	not to be emitted (libm's 2.12) when the actual versions mentioned
	in the Versions files don't include the architecture's first
	default (tile requests "GLIBC_2.12 GLIBC_2.15").

diff --git a/scripts/firstversions.awk b/scripts/firstversions.awk
index 4a20fc0..ccde4b5 100644
--- a/scripts/firstversions.awk
+++ b/scripts/firstversions.awk
@@ -54,9 +54,13 @@ $1 == "}" {
     while (vers_compare($1, v) >= 0) {
       delete firstversion[thislib, idx[thislib]];
-      if ((thislib, idx[thislib]) in firstversion)
+      if ((thislib, idx[thislib]) in firstversion) {
+        # If we're skipping a referenced version to jump ahead to a
+        # later version, synthesize the earlier referenced version now.
+        if (v != $1 && (thislib, v) in usedversion)
+          print "  " v;
         v = firstversion[thislib, idx[thislib]];
-      else
+      } else
     if ($1 == v || $1 == f)

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