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Re: Should --enable-bounded be removed?

> * Compatibility code for K&R C compilers has been removed from the
>   header files.  A ISO C compiler is needed to use the library
>   (conforming to either C89 or C99 standard).

Alrighty then.

> So, I think the use of __const really is just a relic of something no 
> longer supported.  For non-GCC, it's just a macro defined to const anyway.

Agreed.  Feel free to clean it up.

> The libc-announce mailing list hasn't really been used much for years, but 
> announcing a proposed deprecation there would seem more likely to reach 
> anyone who cares (about new libc on very old kernels) but is not on 
> libc-alpha than the wiki would.  (That is, wiki list of deprecations may 
> make sense, but I don't think they are really going to be a useful way of 
> finding out whether people care about the deprecations.)

Sure.  I just meant to suggest the wiki as a canonical place to keep track.
i.e., put it on the wiki now so we don't forget about it, though I am not
fully sanguine about actively removing support yet.

> I'd say: we should agree that we want people to be able to control the 
> mapping of their OS to sysdeps directories in an add-on, and that if 
> someone finds a problem doing this when creating an add-on then we will 
> work out a solution or add just the case needed by their add-on to libc 
> configure, but there is no need to keep a load of cases for targets most 
> of which were obsoleted in GCC years ago and haven't worked as glibc ports 
> for years just because someone might hypothetically want to create add-on 
> support for those OSes in future.

Agreed.  I just meant that we don't want to break any existing add-on port
unwittingly.  Of course, anybody doing an add-on port ought to complain to
libc-ports if something they relied on breaks or if something is hard to do
in a new port they are writing as an add-on.  But people often bend over
backwards with strange kludges before asking for help.


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