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Re: quicksort

On 11/29/2011 10:03 AM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 November 2011 04:31:55 Carsten Hey wrote:
>> * Mike Frysinger [2011-11-28 22:45 -0500]:
>>> On Monday 28 November 2011 19:00:48 Carsten Hey wrote:
>>>> Everything in this patches that would be copyrightable by me (if
>>>> there is anything at all) is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL
>>>> 2.0 [3].
>>> unfortunately, that's not acceptable.  if you want code merged into
>>> glibc, it has to have the copyright assigned to the FSF.
>> The code has been merged/ported from a quicksort I wrote.  I'm not going
>> to restrict myself on how I will be able to use this original code in
>> future.
> i don't think they'd require you to assign all past/future personal work, just 
> the code you want to get added to glibc.

Correct, you don't need to sign a futures assignment, you just need to
assign this particular work to the FSF.

>> As licensing it under the terms of CC zero or similar apparently
>> wouldn't change the situation, I suggest to cherry pick the changes that
>> are not copyrightable.  For example, the first commit (the correct
>> placing of the pivot element) doesn't seem to be copyrightable.
> sorry, but i don't think that would be acceptable.  the only way to get merged 
> with glibc would be to file papers with the FSF assigning copyright for the 
> work you're contributing.
> (note: i don't represent the FSF or hold their opinions on copyright 
> assignment, i'm just informing you of their policies; i.e. don't shoot the 
> messenger)
> -mike

It is not sufficient, the FSF needs the copyright for this work, as
do all the other core projects under the FSF umbrella.

I know it's a little more work, but we can help if you're willing
to contribute your enhancements.

Before we get to that stage though I think we should talk a little
bit more about your changes, benchmarking, etc. I'll follow up on
your original email.

Carlos O'Donell
Mentor Graphics / CodeSourcery
+1 (613) 963 1026

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