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Fix for sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile

The gconv-modules rule for s390-64 contains only part of what iconvdata/Makefile does - let's use the same rule.


2011-06-21  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile ($(inst_gconvdir)/gconv-modules):
	Copy rule from iconvdata/Makefile.

diff --git a/sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile b/sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile
index 1814f37..9b9a92f 100644
--- a/sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile
+++ b/sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile
@@ -74,5 +74,17 @@ $(objpfx)gconv-modules-s390: gconv-modules $(+force)
 $(inst_gconvdir)/gconv-modules: $(objpfx)gconv-modules-s390 $(+force)
+ifeq (no,$(cross-compiling))
+# Update the $(prefix)/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache file. This is necessary
+# if this libc has more gconv modules than the previously installed one.
+        if test -f "$(inst_gconvdir)/gconv-modules.cache"; then \
+           LC_ALL=C LANGUAGE=C \
+           $(common-objpfx)elf/ --library-path $(rpath-link) \
+           $(common-objpfx)iconv/iconvconfig \
+             $(addprefix --prefix=,$(install_root)); \
+        fi
+        @echo '*@*@*@ You should recreate $(inst_gconvdir)/gconv-modules.cache'

 Andreas Jaeger, Program Manager openSUSE
  aj@{,,} Twitter/Identica: jaegerandi
   SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
    GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)
     GPG fingerprint = 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F  FED1 389A 563C C272 A126

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