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Re: Merging the FSF and Sourceware GLIBC websites.

On 5/27/2011 8:33 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
Hi Carlos and all,

Are you still maintaining the online manuals for glibc?

In the absence of anyone else to do it, yes.

>> Does anyone know if there is any automation on the FSF side that updates

It's not automated.  When a new release appears on I
download it and build/commit the various pieces of

Is there a problem/suggestion/whatever?


I maintain the sourceware and fsf websites for glibc.

I am in the process of documenting exactly how to maintain the website.

Recently there was a question about the manual and how the online copy was updated. I'm following up on that question to try determine who and how the update process happens.

If you are not interested in updating the online copy of the manual, then we can pass the torch to the website maintainer (whoever that is at any given point in time).

Would it be possible to have you document on the glibc wiki, in broad strokes, the process you follow to update the manuals?

"Website Maintenance"

Carlos O'Donell
Mentor Graphics / CodeSourcery
+1 (613) 963 1026

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