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Re: [PATCH] Adding systemtap probe points in pthread library (slightly revised again)

> +  LIBC_PROBE(join,1, threadid);

Missing space before paren, missing space after comma.
Half the additions have similar whitespace errors.
Please just read over ALL YOUR CODE before you submit.

> +          else
> +            {
> +	      /* systemtap pthread probe - this is the only place where
> +	         we get this read-write lock */
> +              LIBC_PROBE (rwlock_acquire_read, 1, rwlock);
> +            }

Don't add braces around a single statement.  This comment is not formatted
properly.  Look at the existing code and see how we write comments, please.
This comment itself doesn't seem to say anything useful anyway.


Again, missing space before paren.

This stuff is not rocket science, and this is the nth time in a review of
the same code I've told you about the same errors.  Just look at the
existing code and match the formatting conventions you see there.


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