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The Linux binutils is released

This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2010 1110 in CVS on plus various
changes. It is purely for Linux.

All relevant patches in patches have been applied to the source tree.
You can take a look at patches/README to see what have been applied and
in what order they have been applied.

Starting from the release, no diffs against the previous
release will be provided.

You can enable both gold and bfd ld with --enable-gold=both.  Gold will
be installed as and bfd ld will be installed as ld.bfd.  By
default, ld.bfd will be installed as ld.  You can use the configure
option, --enable-gold=both/gold to choose gold as the default linker,
ld.  IA-32 binary and X64_64 binary tar balls are configured with
--enable-gold=both/ld --enable-plugins --enable-threads.

Starting from the release, the x86 assembler no longer

	fnstsw %eax

fnstsw stores 16bit into %ax and the upper 16bit of %eax is unchanged.
Please use

	fnstsw %ax

Starting from the release, the default output section LMA
(load memory address) has changed for allocatable sections from being
equal to VMA (virtual memory address), to keeping the difference between
LMA and VMA the same as the previous output section in the same region.


.data.init_task : { *(.data.init_task) }

LMA of .data.init_task section is equal to its VMA with the old linker.
With the new linker, it depends on the previous output section. You
can use

.data.init_task : AT (ADDR(.data.init_task)) { *(.data.init_task) }

to ensure that LMA of .data.init_task section is always equal to its
VMA. The linker script in the older 2.6 x86-64 kernel depends on the
old behavior.  You can add AT (ADDR(section)) to force LMA of
.data.init_task section equal to its VMA. It will work with both old
and new linkers. The x86-64 kernel linker script in kernel 2.6.13 and
above is OK.

The new x86_64 assembler no longer accepts

	monitor %eax,%ecx,%edx

You should use

	monitor %rax,%ecx,%edx


which works with both old and new x86_64 assemblers. They should
generate the same opcode.

The new i386/x86_64 assemblers no longer accept instructions for moving
between a segment register and a 32bit memory location, i.e.,

	movl (%eax),%ds
	movl %ds,(%eax)

To generate instructions for moving between a segment register and a
16bit memory location without the 16bit operand size prefix, 0x66,

	mov (%eax),%ds
	mov %ds,(%eax)

should be used. It will work with both new and old assemblers. The
assembler starting from will also support

	movw (%eax),%ds
	movw %ds,(%eax)

without the 0x66 prefix. Patches for 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels are
available at

The ia64 assembler is now defaulted to tune for Itanium 2 processors.
To build a kernel for Itanium 1 processors, you will need to add

ifeq ($(CONFIG_ITANIUM),y)
	CFLAGS += -Wa,-mtune=itanium1
	AFLAGS += -Wa,-mtune=itanium1

to arch/ia64/Makefile in your kernel source tree.

Please report any bugs related to binutils to


Changes from binutils

1. Update from binutils 2010 1110.
2. Fix ld plugin support.  PRs lto/46291 and lto/46319.
3. Fix x86 assembler to properly fold _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ in Intel
syntax.  PR 12186.
4. Update assembler to ensure that group signature symbols have the name
of the group.
5. Avoid unnecessary relaxation in assembler.  PR 12049.
6. Update linker NOLOAD processing.
7. Update linker not to include archive members when symbols therein have
already been defined.  PR 12001.
8. Change objdump to display compressed section names without 'z'.
9. Improve gold.
10. Improve Solaris support.
11. Improve VMS support.
12. Improve Windows support.
13. Improve arm support.
14. Improve cr16 support.
15. Improve mips support.
16. Improve ppc support.
17. Improve tic6x support.

The file list:

1. binutils- Source code.
2. binutils- IA-32 binary tar ball for RedHat
   EL 5.
3. binutils- IA-64 binary tar ball for RedHat
   EL 5.
4. binutils- X64_64 binary tar ball for RedHat
   EL 5.

The primary sites for the beta Linux binutils are:



H.J. Lu

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