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Re: RFC: Test optimizations for multiple architectures

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Roland McGrath <> wrote:
>> --enable-test-multi-arch is intended for development build, not for production
>> build. My glibc development build environment is totally separate from the
>> production build environment. That is true for my gcc, binutils and gdb builds.
> People who have to maintain production builds need to run full test suites
> on the actual production code. ?Otherwise it's just not testing you can
> rely on. ?Doing more testing on your far-from-production development builds
> is of course better than not doing that testing. ?But it's not a substitute
> for more complete testing on the real builds.
>> You need to be very careful about circular dependency. The current runtime
>> selection doesn't require relocations. Anything more complex may require
>> relocations at run-time.
> I think you may have misunderstood what I proposed. ?The way ifunc works
> makes it essentially impossible to use anything in the selectors that
> requires other relocation, so we would never change it to be more complex.
> What I suggested involved no changes whatsoever in how the current ifunc
> selector code works. ?The new call would just be a way to preinitialize
> those bitmaps so the selector code never runs cpuid et al.

What you suggested is certainly different from mine.
I want a way to test all ifunc functions in one run. You
want to give user control which implementation the
ifunc selector should return. I think they are independent
of each other.


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