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[PATCH 0/4 V3] pi-condvars: condvar protocol API

The following patch series implements a protocol setting API for condattrs
in order to make complete their priority inheritance implmemenation and
avoid potential deadlocks dealing with the internal condvar lock. This
series includes two new APIs:


It also provides two "make check" test cases:


Note that this patch series is a proof of concept, and only implmements the C
version of the API and has only been tested on x86_64. In order to test, you
will need to apply this series and remove (or rename) all the pthread_cond*.S
files so that the C implementation is used.

My immediate goal is to agree on the new API.

This version (V3) extricates the pi-condvar patches from the C implementation
of the requeue-pi patches which were lingering in the previous versions of
this patch queue. These patches also include proper glibc ChangeLogs.


Darren Hart
IBM Linux Technology Center
Real-Time Linux Team

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