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Re: Two glibc homepages?

I think that the original reason for the split was simply that the infrastructure was unreliable and/or severely annoying to use
for numerous years there.  The sourceware pages were maintained for hackers
finding the source repositories, and were easy for the source maintainers
to fiddle.  Nowadays the situation is much better than it used to
be (though I still can't keep track of it myself).  Moreover, we have folks
like Carlos taking charge of unified maintenance of all the official and
quasiofficial web presence for glibc.  As long as the content is getting
updates and the hackers here don't find it difficult to update, then I am
fine with whatever consolidation of web stuff folks want to do.

Note also that when the sourceware pages were first set up, we did not have
the sourceware wiki.  IMHO it might be better to make the sourceware page
redirect to the wiki and have a prominent link at the top of the front page
of the wiki pointing to the site.  But that's just a thought, not
a strong opinion.


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