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Request for ibm/ namespace


Per Roland's recent email regarding opening up branches in the GLIBC git
repo; I'm writing to request a namespace in the GLIBC git tree labeled:


Our hope is to maintain release branches with IBM relevant backports to
the normal release/* namespace in the future, e.g.

ibm/2.11  <--- release/2.x/master

But in the meantime we want to have a few branches based on the cvs/
namespace, e.g.

ibm/2.8  <--- origin/cvs/glibc-2_8-branch
ibm/2.10 <--- origin/cvs/glibc-2_10-branch

We'd also like a development branch for patches in development against
GLIBC's 'master/' git namespace.

ibm/master <--- master/

The policy owners for this namespace would be:

rsa - Ryan S. Arnold (IBM)
cseo -Carlos Eduardo Seo (IBM)
sjmunroe - Steve Munroe (IBM)

We already have FSF copyright assignment on file but I suspect we'll all
need authorization for our id's to push commits to the ibm/ namespace.

Don't worry, we don't intend to push controversial patches into the

Ryan S. Arnold
IBM Linux Toolchain Development

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