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onwards to git

Immediately after the release of 2.10 on 5/9 we'll switch over the master and *only* repository for glibc to git. There is already a git mirror in place so it's not unheard of. We'll recreate the git archive once more from scratch.

To facilitate this there will be absolutely no checkin into the cvs archive without my permission on 5/9. I'll tag the tree on that day and we start the creation of the git archive after that. The cvs archive will at that point be read-only, forever. After the migration is verified we'll announce the glibc git archive and this will be the only source tree from that point on.

We will *not* have the cvs pserver emulation git could provide enabled. This is more hazzle than it's worth. Just jump into the 21st century and use a real DVCS.

Since the git archive will contain all the useful history there is no reason to keep the cvs archive online forever. I would like to retire it in the not too distant future entirely.

What we do need for the migration is a list of the useful branches in the cvs archive. Send them along to this list by 5/8. If reasonable, we'll include those branches in the git archive. There is certainly a lot of junk in cvs and we want to use this opportunity for some house cleaning.

â Ulrich Drepper â Red Hat, Inc. â 444 Castro St â Mountain View, CA â

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