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Re: Patches to improve Hurd parts: include/sys/socket.h

Thomas Schwinge <> writes:

> Some questions remain.  Note that all this is not Hurd-specific.
> Are we allowed to include <fcntl.h> from include/sys/socket.h?

No, as that would infringe on the user's name space.  Please see the
following specification of the names that POSIX currently allows
<sys/socket.h> to define:

> Where to put the COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT definition?  For sure into some
> other file, but into which one?

I suggest using the macro name that glibc already uses in time/mktime.c:
'verify'.  If you'd like to share this, you can add a file called
<verify.h> and call the macro 'verify'.  Gnulib has a file verify.h that
does this and is widely tested with many compilers.  For more, please

The header and macro needn't be visible to gnulib's users, of course.
Though I would advocate adding verify.h (or something like it) to glibc,
as part of a separate change, at some point: it's quite useful to have a
compile-time verification macro.

Hope this helps.  --Paul

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