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Re: Patches to improve Hurd parts: include/sys/socket.h

From: Ulrich Drepper <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 09:50:33 -0800

> Hash: SHA1
> Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> > Why are these changes ``unnecessary and wrong''? 
> They are obviously unnecessary since the existing code works fine.  And
> it's wrong since not all platforms fulfill the assumptions.
> Stick with hurd, I don't care how much you screw that up.  But don't
> touch the rest unless there is a real problem.

It's no wonder why not many people contribute to glibc.

Really Ulrich, the way you respond to patch contributions (from people
donating their work and time to your project) is really disappointing.

Just the past two days you've done nothing but flame people to a crisp,
and who would want to contribute to a project where the maintainer
behaves that way?

None of your responses are ever constructive or helpful to the
contributor, instead they denigrate that person's work and put them

I've never once seen you say things like "please".

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