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Re: qsort_r argument order

Hi Ho!

--- On Wed, 12/3/08, Dustin Lang <> wrote:

> > Exactly as you have said before, it is because qsort_r
> is not part of any standard.
> >
> > So, the same argument can be made for BSD and Mac OSX:
> why they permute the parameters?
> qsort_r appeared in FreeBSD in 2002 [1], possibly earlier
> in other BSDs. 
> If I'm not mistaken, it appeared in glibc in 2007 [2].

Ehm... first appearance does not mean establishing standard, does it?

I am afraid that the answer to your question may be as simple as the fact that glibc cannot copy-and-paste their qsort_r prototype because of the possibility of copyright infringement.

AFAIK, to avoid any possibility of making copyright infringement, glibc hackers never read other C libraries source code, and that includes reading the prototype of qsort_r.

So, those facts may boil down to the ultimate answer: the parameters were not meant to be permuted. On the contrary, glibc hackers thought by themselves what the needed parameters were and coded them accordingly.

> cheers,
> dstn.

Best regards,

Eus (FSF member #4445)

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