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[patch soft-fp] Fixes for soft-fp


My name is Fredrik Unger, and I am a member of a team porting
the GCC to the NEC SX vector computer series.
( )

In an initial mail to gcc-patches
I reported some soft-fp problem.

The fixdfti-floatuntisf.patch was accepted into gcc
and informed me that double.h.patch belongs to libc.

===== double.h problem =====

When compiling soft-fp for a platform with _FP_W_TYPE_SIZE = 64,
the macro definitions for FP_UNPACK_SEMIRAW_D and FP_UNPACK_SEMIRAW_DP
are not correct.

_FP_UNPACK_RAW_1 should be called as the _FP_W_TYPE_SIZE is
equal 64 and the first argument can not be a 1.
The first argument declares an union type :
union _FP_UNION_##fs  (in op-1.h)
and _FP_UNION_1 is not a valid union while _FP_UNION_D is
declared in double.h.

-------- Test regressions/bugtracker information ---------

With this patch fixed our problem for the SX platform with
and is partially logged at


Regarding FSF copyright Assignment I have not signed any
copyright assignment. However the patch so small that I assume
it will be treated as a tiny change.

So here is the patch for double.h, with a ChangeLog entry.

(ChangeLog suggestion, I am a new submitter)

2008-12-01  Fredrik Unger  <> (tiny change)

	* libc/soft-fp/double.h: Corrected define macro.

If there are any specific comments with regards to soft-fp we
would be interested in hearing them. We have chosen soft-fp over
fp-bit in our GCC port, but if something speaks against it we
are interested in hearing about it.

Please let me know if you need more information.


Fredrik Unger

Index: double.h
RCS file: /cvs/glibc/libc/soft-fp/double.h,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 double.h
--- double.h	20 Mar 2007 12:10:36 -0000	1.8
+++ double.h	1 Dec 2008 15:06:18 -0000
@@ -203,13 +203,13 @@
 #define FP_UNPACK_SEMIRAW_D(X,val)	\
   do {					\
-    _FP_UNPACK_RAW_2(1,X,val);		\
+    _FP_UNPACK_RAW_1(D,X,val);		\
     _FP_UNPACK_SEMIRAW(D,1,X);		\
   } while (0)
 #define FP_UNPACK_SEMIRAW_DP(X,val)	\
   do {					\
-    _FP_UNPACK_RAW_2_P(1,X,val);	\
+    _FP_UNPACK_RAW_1_P(D,X,val);	\
     _FP_UNPACK_SEMIRAW(D,1,X);		\
   } while (0)

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