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Re: disableing locale completely.

seema ravandale wrote:
I am working on toolchain maintained for arm port. I am using option disable-nls to disable language internationalization. so default locales installed will be "C" and "POSIX". To set up other locale, i use localedef option.

As far my knowledge, disable-nls will disable functionality of gettext utility.

Yes, I believe that's the case.

With the libc installation, locale data too get installed, By locale data, i meant local definitions file, charmaps and message formatter file (.mo files).

On disabling language internationalization, why are the locale data files still needed?

Probably because nobody tries it out. You can always remove the files by hand.

Is there a way, or any option already available in libc not to get locale data files installed?

Thanking you.

Alternatively you may wish to look at, which is libc but with configuration options. Take a look at the OPTIONS_EGLIBC_LOCALES feature which disables locale definitions.

Carlos O'Donell
(650) 331-3385 x716

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