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Re: FYI, GIT mirror of glibc's cvs repository

Roland McGrath wrote:
I agree. At the moment it's easier to edit the sourceware page. I don't have a clue what I have to do to edit the page.

As I told you, it's via Savannah. Don't ask me how to make a Savannah account work this year. But once you do, I'll approve you for the libc project and then you can commit web pages to cvs as they are done for all project pages.

I was being facetious. I have a Savannah account, and as far as can tell, I need to become a "libc" projects member. As a member I can modify the webpages in cvs. I've sent in my request for inclusion in the project.

The sourceware page is simple and keeps a nice trivial look.
It just talks about the resources on sourceware for hackers.

The page is the official GNU face of the GNU C Library.
It follows the look and feel, and reflects the GNU
Project's message and priorities.  That page's first mandate is
to explain what glibc is about to an unfamiliar user, and direct
people who want to use it, are using it, or want to hack on it,
to the information they need.

Mike makes a good point. Why have two sites at all? We should be able to put all this information on a single site. The site would have separate pages for different contexts e.g. new users, developers, news, etc.

The benefits of one site include only needing to direct users at one site, and only updating one site.

It's fine to consolidate some information and have one site's pages
point to pages on the other for the kind of information that's
appropriate to each site.

Like gcc, is there any reason we couldn't acquire ""; to use as a centralized site, pointing all other sites there?

Carlos O'Donell
(650) 331-3385 x716

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