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Re: FYI, GIT mirror of glibc's cvs repository

Jim Meyering wrote:
I've set up a read-only git mirror of glibc's CVS repository.
The cvs-to-git synchronization process will probably run every
half hour or so (haven't started it yet).

Here's the gitweb interface:

Check out a copy via the following, but be aware
that the bare .git/ directory weighs in at 270MB:

git clone git://

Actually, 270MB is pretty darn good, considering it's
the entire repository, including all history.
The corresponding part of the CVS repo occupies over 500MB.

This is by no means "official", but more something I find useful.
However, I expect it to be reliable and to be available indefinitely.
If you discover it's more than an hour or two out of sync, or if something
has been converted improperly, please let me know.
For those interested in the details,
the big first-pass conversion was done by parsecvs,
and all subsequent ones are done by "git cvsimport".

Cool! Would you mind putting this information somewhere on the wiki?

Carlos O'Donell
(650) 331-3385 x716

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