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Re: Any way to get "echoctl" (in stty) support in Linux?

Jakub, thanks for that useful info!  If I understand correctly, it is
not glibc that would limit the ability to turn on the feature, but
rather which "defines" are done in the utilities and other code in
question.  Obviously stty would need to define, e.g., _GNU_SOURCES, and
any code that uses ECHOCTL to echo the "^C" would also (I'll have to
look into what applies and do some experimenting).  I use Gentoo, so I
could pactch the appropriate ebuilds, and hopefully I would not break
things too much (since this is not normally enabled, it's always
possible that things could break, I guess).  Anyway, thanks.


Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 10:34:07AM -0600, Joe Peterson wrote:
>> I would really love the option to turn this feature on, and I fear there
>> is no way to do so in Linux.  Anyone know otherwise?  I am writing to
> Please read
> info libc 'Feature Test Macros'
> Particularly, __USE_MISC features will be available by default, unless one
> of
> -ansi
> -std=c89
> -std=c99
> is used, or if in addition to the above -D_GNU_SOURCE, -D_BSD_SOURCE
> or -D_SVID_SOURCE is used.  ECHOCTL is not in POSIX etc., so can't be
> visible in the headers if e.g. strict POSIX source compatibility is requested.
> 	Jakub

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