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Re: NGROUPS_MAX in linux 2.6.3+

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Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> The problem I see with your patch, is that there seems to be no
> fallback for the case where you compile this with kernel headers that
> define KERN_NGROUPS_MAX but do run it on an older kernel.  Check how
> we do this with kernel-features.h,

That's not the only problem.

More critical is that, according to Arjan, numeric sysctl() calls are
deprecated.  There isn't yet a replacement which takes strings so you'll
have to use /proc/sys/kernel/....

So, rewrite the code to use open+read+strtol (don't even thing about
fopen+fscanf).  Replace the default case with a simple break, move the
posix_sysconf call to the end of the function, and return from the
special NGROUPS handling only if reading the file was successful.
Otherwise fall through to the posix_sysconf call.  Oh, and since you'll
use /proc there is no need for any #ifdef.

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