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Re: [PATCH] linuxthreads for hppa (1/3)


> - -# if __LT_SPINLOCK_INIT != 0
> - -  __pthread_handles[0].h_lock = __LOCK_INITIALIZER;
> - -  __pthread_handles[1].h_lock = __LOCK_INITIALIZER;
> +  __pthread_handles[0].h_lock = __LOCK_ALT_INITIALIZER;
> +  __pthread_handles[1].h_lock = __LOCK_ALT_INITIALIZER;
> part is what I meant.  There is no reason to change the name.

How do you propose it be handled? All arches define __LT_SPINLOCK_INIT
and thus it cannot be used to distinguish between the two cases. Why do
we distinguish between the two cases? Because a structure as an
initializer has two different assignments cases, one in which it is
named and one which it is not.
> Look at your change, no changes of code which are not needed.  Clean up
> the patches to follow the coding standard, preprocessor indentation, etc
> etc.

I do apologize for the STACK_GROWS_UP patches being included, and
rightly so I removed them. Thank you for applying those patches.

I will go over my patches again for coding standard, preprocessor
indentation and other grievences. In most cases I have tried to follow 
the standard.


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