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Re: Building arm toolchain with soft floating point (was: Re: non local labels in some handcoded assembly)


Yes, this will be my last message on this in this forum.
And yes the howto contained some more recent (and desperate attempts) to 
eliminate the fp code.
I have just rerolled the howto  to an ealier version.

My recent tootlchain attempts which ultimately failed because of glibc.
consisted in hacking  the gcc spec file  to always use -msoft-float
for compilation and to add -without-fp to the glibc configuration.
This resulted in a bunch of undefined basic math/arithm  symbols during make.
This is described in another posting to this list which I was not able to send 
all morning. ;-(
I'll have a look at you goole finding next. 


On Tuesday 26 August 2003 11:30, Dan Kegel wrote:
> robert wrote:
> > I managed to build  a cross compilation a while abck with as described in
> >
> >
> >
> > The problem with this toolchain, that glibc contained assembly code
> > for a totally obsolete arm fp coprocessor.
> > My recent efforts are to get rid of this code and have the floating point
> > stuff all in software.
> Hmm.  Looking at how you built the bootstrap gcc:
>    ./configure --prefix=$cwd/../usr --target=arm-linux
> --program-prefix=arm- \ --disable-threads -with-cpu=strongarm110
> -enable-languages=c --disable-shared --without-fpu make
>    make CFLAGS+=-msoft-float
> That looks a bit fishy.  Why the initial make folowed by a make
> CFLAGS+=-msoft-float?
> Comparing with what a couple other folks have done,
> makes me wonder if you shouldn't be adding the
> --with-softfloat-support=internal option when you build gcc.  (I wouldn't
> know; I'm just a google junkie.)
> This may be getting a bit offtopic for the libc-alpha list...
> maybe we should move this thread to the gcc or crossgcc list?
> - Dan

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