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PATCH: Remove ia64 __syscall_ functions.

Since ia64 can inline syscalls, there is no need for those __syscall_
functions. Checked on RHAS 2.1.

2003-08-08  H.J. Lu  <>

	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ia64/syscalls.list: Remove __syscall_

--- sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ia64/syscalls.list.ia64	2003-04-03 07:53:25.000000000 -0800
+++ sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ia64/syscalls.list	2003-08-08 10:20:25.000000000 -0700
@@ -59,34 +59,8 @@ pciconfig_write	EXTRA	pciconfig_write	5	
 ptrace		-	ptrace		4	__ptrace	ptrace
-rt_sigaction	EXTRA	rt_sigaction	i:ippi	__syscall_rt_sigaction		rt_sigaction
-rt_sigpending	EXTRA	rt_sigpending	i:pi	__syscall_rt_sigpending		rt_sigpending
-rt_sigprocmask	EXTRA	rt_sigprocmask	i:ippi	__syscall_rt_sigprocmask	rt_sigprocmask
-rt_sigqueueinfo	EXTRA	rt_sigqueueinfo	i:iip	__syscall_rt_sigqueueinfo	rt_sigqueueinfo
-rt_sigsuspend	EXTRA	rt_sigsuspend	i:pi	__syscall_rt_sigsuspend		rt_sigsuspend
-rt_sigtimedwait	EXTRA	rt_sigtimedwait	i:pppi	__syscall_rt_sigtimedwait	rt_sigtimedwait
 # System calls with wrappers.
-s_execve	EXTRA	execve		i:spp	__syscall_execve
-s_exit		exit	exit		i:i	__syscall_exit
-s_exit_group    exit_group exit_group   i:i     __syscall_exit_group
-s_getcwd	getcwd	getcwd		i:pi	__syscall_getcwd	getcwd
-s_getdents	getdents getdents	i:ipi	__syscall_getdents	getdents
-s_getdents64	getdents64 getdents64	i:ipi	__syscall_getdents64
-s_mknod		xmknod	mknod		i:sii	__syscall_mknod
-s_readv		readv	readv		i:ipi	__syscall_readv
-s_writev	writev	writev		i:ipi	__syscall_writev
-s_poll		poll	poll		i:pii	__syscall_poll
-s_reboot	reboot	reboot		i:iii	__syscall_reboot
-s_ustat		ustat	ustat		i:ip	__syscall_ustat
-s_stat		xstat	stat		i:sp	__syscall_stat
-s_lstat		lxstat	lstat		i:sp	__syscall_lstat
-s_fstat		fxstat	fstat		i:ip	__syscall_fstat
-s_sysctl	sysctl	_sysctl		i:p	__syscall__sysctl
-s_open		open	open		i:siv	__syscall_open
-s_wait4		wait4	wait4		i:iWiP	__syscall_wait4
-s_ioctl		ioctl	ioctl		i:iiI	__syscall_ioctl
-s_write		write	write		i:ibn	__syscall_write
 # IA-64 specific
 getunwind	EXTRA	getunwind	i:pi	getunwind

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