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Re: PATCH: Fix __WORDSIZE for ia64.


When I also followed the switch for MDK 9.0/AMD64, I gathered some
statistics from our main distribution (around 1300 packages). Finally,

It doesn't sounds right since utmp/wtmp on AMD64 has the same format as ia32.

They has the same format since glibc CVS 2002/10/15.

only 50 out of 85 candidates actually had to be fixed or rebuilt. Hmm,
looking where I put the list for interested people.

Send me the list.

< x86_64/CHANGES.txt>

   - Because of the new struct utmp layout, the following packages had
     to be fixed and/or rebuilt: adjtimex, aterm, dietlibc, dump,
     emacs, fileutils, findutils, finger, getty_ps, gkrellm,
     gnome-libs, gpm, hylafax, kdeadmin, kdebase, kdenetwork,
     kdevelop, krb5, libzvt, linuxconf, man-pages, mgetty, mingetty,
     mod_auth_external, ncpfs, ntp, openssh, pam, procps, proftpd,
     psacct, pwdb, rwho, rxvt, samba, screen, shadow-utils, sh-utils,
     sysklogd, SysVinit, talk, tcsh, utempter, util-linux, xterm, zsh,

<> for the initial list. Unfortunately, I haven't annoted programs that actually got patched.

Once I get time, I will check those not yet sent upstream. Or, in the mean time, you can check:<package-name>/*- biarch-utmp.patch


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