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PR libc/5013: Bad gramar in fi_FI locale


I noticed your glibc problem report libc/5013 from 2003-05-02, where
you write:

  Date formats in Finnish locale are grammatically incorrect.  Month
  name should be in partitive or in genitive form -- not in nominative
  Apply the attached patch which adds some extra letters to date
  formats to produce grammatically correct partitive and genitive
  forms from nominative (basic) forms.

I tried 2003-05-09 to as you the following question using the glibc
bug tracking system, but did not see any reply:

  Please provide some source to make it possible for the glibc
  maintainers to verify that your suggested change is correct.

Did you try to contact the original author of the Finish locale and
check if he agree to the change?  It seem to be Keld Simonsen.  I copy
this email to him.

I am not a glibc maintainer, but I try to assist in improving the
locales in glibc.  References and standard sources seem to be required
to get locale changes past the glibc maintainers.

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