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Re: How to get LDAP support in NSS/compat?

On Fri, May 23, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> [Thorsten Kukuk]
> > Next version of my patch. This time, passwd, shadow and group is
> > implemented. This should be the final version for this services.
> Very good. :)
> Is it normal to use the compat module for shadow?  I would expect it
> to be sufficient to use it for passwd, and then let shadow be 'nis
> files' or 'ldap'files'.

It is normal that you can use the compat module for shadow.

> I guess the compat module should be moved from nis/ and into nss/ as
> it no longer is nis specific?

It still uses some NIS functions for easier netgroup handling.

> > Only initgroups_dyn is missing, I disabled it for now.
> Is initgroups_dyn() needed for anything?

Yes, with initgroups_dyn() a initgroup call from login/su/cron is
much faster than without for some services. Because for some
services you don't need to parse the whole database, but you can
start a special query for the data you need.
Or for NIS: With initgroups_dyn, you can get all data with one
call, without initgroups_dyn you have to make one call for every
group entry, which is much slower.


Thorsten Kukuk
SuSE Linux AG        Deutschherrnstr. 15-19        D-90429 Nuernberg
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