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Re: PR libc/5013: Make the finnish dates gramatically correct

[Ulrich Drepper]
> This is not about trust.  Most people, when they report a problem,
> think they know what they are talking about.  But many problems
> aren't onesided and different people have different opinions and
> often the commonly used method is not really officially correct.

But there is no such check when a new locale is included for the first
time.  Why should we believe that the first person submitting a locale
know what he is doing, when we do not believe the next person
discovering problems with the locale?

> By requiring the reference we first get a documented reference to
> some material which peolpe who don't agree with the changes can
> review and also it means the submitter is forced to look up the true
> official use (not the colloquialism).

Yes, I agree that this is a good thing.  But then we should include
information about the documented references when the locales are
changed.  I saw no such reference when you changed de_DE the other
day.  It would be nice to include the references in the locale files,
to make it easier for others to verify the locale content.

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