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Re: catchsegv trouble

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 10:38:36PM -0700, Dan Kegel wrote:
> I verified catchsegv works for toy programs that crash.
> Now I'm trying to use it with OpenOffice
> by copying the soffice script to my home directory,
> making a symbolic link to soffice.bin next to it,
> editing soffice to stick 'catchsegv' in front of the
> real command near the bottom, then using that soffice
> script to load a file known to crash OpenOffice (see
> ).  Unfortunately,
> what happens isn't nearly as good as if I do the same
> thing with gdb.  gdb gets good backtraces, but
> catchsegv doesn't intercept the app's "An unrecoverable error ..."
> dialog box.  Instead, once sees this on the screen right off:
>   sh: line 1: crash_report: command not found
> (which may be an OpenOffice thing) along with the dialog.
> Later, after you quit, you may see some output from catchsegv,
> but nothing useful.

OOo normally registers a SIGSEGV handler which overrides the one
from So if you want to use catchseg on OOo, you
need to comment it out in OOo.


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