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catchsegv trouble

I verified catchsegv works for toy programs that crash.
Now I'm trying to use it with OpenOffice
by copying the soffice script to my home directory,
making a symbolic link to soffice.bin next to it,
editing soffice to stick 'catchsegv' in front of the
real command near the bottom, then using that soffice
script to load a file known to crash OpenOffice (see ).  Unfortunately,
what happens isn't nearly as good as if I do the same
thing with gdb.  gdb gets good backtraces, but
catchsegv doesn't intercept the app's "An unrecoverable error ..."
dialog box.  Instead, once sees this on the screen right off:
  sh: line 1: crash_report: command not found
(which may be an OpenOffice thing) along with the dialog.
Later, after you quit, you may see some output from catchsegv,
but nothing useful.

Any suggestions?  I'd like to use catchsegv as the
basis of a trivial crash logger to help improve the
quality of OpenOffice.  Guess for now I'll keep using
gdb, but it'd be nice to be able to use something
that could be packaged for use by non-developers.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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