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Re: enable n32 and n64, and move o32 into mips/mips32

On Mar 18, 2003, Roland McGrath <roland at redhat dot com> wrote:

> The sysdeps selections are based on the tuple out of config.sub, and that's
> as it should be.  If you have a different ABI, that is a different
> configuration tuple for the purposes of GNU configure scripts.

The unfortunate thing about it is that, when you have a
mips64-linux-gnu cross toolchain, if you specify say
--host=mips64-linux-gnu-abin64, configure won't automatically find
mips64-linux-gnu-gcc for you, like it does for
--host=mips64-linux-gnu.  That's the reason I wanted to be able to
detect the ABI from CFLAGS.  Then a command such as:

CFLAGS=-mabi=64 .../glibc-src/configure --host=mips64-linux-gnu ...

would have the desired effect of building an n64 glibc for
mips64-linux-gnu.  Having to specify the ABI twice seems silly, and
having to specify it in the --host triplet means you have to specify
the compiler pathname, which is silly as well.

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