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Re: --without-cvs

On Mar 17, 2003, Andreas Schwab <schwab at suse dot de> wrote:

> Andrew Walrond <andrew at walrond dot org> writes:
> |> Could somebody explain what --without-cvs is used for?

> It suppresses makefile commands that would try to check in modified files
> that are auto-generated, but included in the repository, like configure
> scripts.

Even though I personally dislike this default as well, I see a point
in it.  Even though it may seem inappropriate for 100%-LDBL_MIN of the
users, it will flag to others that they got files rebuilt locally that
probably shouldn't have been rebuilt (i.e., they should be up-to-date
in CVS, and if they seem to be out-of-date, it's just because the
local timestamps don't always follow check-in time stamps).

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