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Free Software--EasyType 1.2 Basic makes you type as fast you think

                   EasyType 1.2 Basic

EasyType increases your typing speed in ANY Windows editor. It takes you from
the age of inputting words letter by letter to the age of inputting
word-by-word and phrase-by-phrase. EasyType has three major functions: (1)
Auto-learning words and phrases 2) auto-completing words and phrases, and (3)
Auto-expanding shorthands into full text. 

EasyType prompts the best-matched words to the user with a fully optimized
prediction algorithm. Just press a single hot key to auto-complete the word
you want. EasyType also expands its knowledge by learning new words that you
have typed. In contrast, shorthand expansion is based on targeting. For
example, type 'syl' and EasyType will expand it into 'See you later'.
Shorthand expansion is made more flexible with parameters, which are highly
useful for code auto-generation. You can even include special cursor controls
to make the expanded text well formatted. 

Many libraries are provided to empower EasyType. International language
libraries make it easy to input non-English words on any keyboard.
Programming language libraries liberate programmers from the pain of typing
long identifiers. Everyone can find libraries suitable for their own needs.
You can create your own library from word list files or learn frequently used
words from a large number of text documents with just one click. EasyType is
ideal for users who must deal with a heavy load of typing everyday, such as
programmers, writers, lawyers, translators, secretaries, and medical clerks. 


EasyType 1.2 Basic Download(100% free)

EasyType 1.2 Professional Download(45-day evaluation)

                   Another Freeware-EasyClip 1.0

EasyClip is the slimest clipboard and shell enhancement utility. 

It's based on a slim always-on-top toolbar which can be hidden or shown. With
this toolbar, you can access all local drives, mapped network drives, all
folders and all files, IE favourite web pages, predefined email contacts by
selecting with mouse from drop-down lists. Much simpler than to direct
operation in windows explorer and IE. 

It supports 16 clipboards in total, with one current clipboard and 15 history
clipboards. Whenever you copy, EasyClip will automatically push the existing
content of the windows clipboard into the history clipboard boards and then
copy the text into the current buffer. You can select any one of the
clipboards by mouse and EasyClip will automatically paste the content of the
selected clipboard into the window you are working with. It also supports
appending-mode copy which will keep appending copied text to the end of the
current clipboard. This is convenient for  combining small pieces of text
from different places.

It also support a quick-run dialog where you can input short aliases for long
paths and URL's like in UNIX. Aliases can be defined in a text file with one
alias corresponding to one path/URL. 

Download: free)

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