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Help Your Business Succeed

Title: Dear friend

Dear friend :

Now there are billions of email users in the world , and this amount is increasing greatly every 
year .  People are now sending informations and conducting  the network  marketing  through
email ,  because of its cheap cost and fast connection .  If you want to introduce and sell  your
product  or  service ,  it would  be the best way  for you  to use the  email to  contact  with  your 
targeted  customers  ( of  course you should  be  aware of  the  email address of the  targeted  
customers  firstly  )  . Targeted  email  is no doubt  very effective .  If  you could  introduce your 
product or  service  through  email  directly  to  the  customer  who  are interested  in them ,  it 
will bring to you much  more business chances and success.

We, HenXin Email Marketing Center, have many years of experience in developing & utilizing 
internet resources. With the cooperation with our partners,we can use professional technology 
and various ways to acquire the effective targeted Email addresses in a short time .  We have 
set up global business email address databases,  which  contain millions of  email addresses 
of  commercial   enterprises  and  consumers  all over  the  world . These email addresses are 
sorted by countries and fields .We also continuously update our databases,add new address-
es ,remove undeliverables and unsubscribe  addresses. We are able to supply  valid targeted 
email addresses according to your requirements ( for example,  you need some email addre-
sses of Importers in the  field of auto spare part in England). With our  supplied targeted email 
addresses,you can easily  and directly contact your potential customers.

We also supply a wide variety of software . 
For example ,  WORLDCAST,  the software for  fast-sending emails : this software will enable 
you to send  emails  at  the rate of  over 10,000  pcs  per hour ,  and to release  information  to 
thousands of people in a short time.

We are pleased to tell you that we are now offering our best prices :

          Emails  or  Software                                       Remark     Price
100,000 targeted email addresses 
We are  able  to  supply  valid  targeted  email address according to your requirements , which are all compiled  upon your order,such as region / country / occupation / field / Domain Name (like or etc.

USD 30.00 
     623,000 email addresses
                    623,000 email addresses of
     global auto parts  importer/wholesaler/distributors
USD 110.00 
    8 millions email addresses
8 millions global commercial enterprises email addresses
USD 240.00 
        Worldcast software 
Software for fast-sending emails 
USD 39.00 
       Email searcher Software 
Software for searching email addresses

USD 68.00 
        Global Trade Poster
Spreading information about your business or products over 3000 trade message boards  and newsgroups  in under an hour.
USD 125.00 
       Jet-Hits Plus 2000 Pro 
Software for submitting website to 8000+  search engines 
USD 79.00 

You can order the emails or  softwares  directly  from our website .  We will send the emails 
(according to your order)  or  softwares  to you  via  email within two working days  when we
receive  your order .

For more details , please refer to our website: .

It is our honour if you are interested in our services or softwares.We  hope that  our services 
and softwares will help you to get much more business chances and success.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any queries or concerns .  It is always our pleasure to 
serve you.

Thanks and best regards !

Marketing Manager
HenXin Email Marketing Center 

To help your business succeed,

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