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Re: using _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 with a non-gcc compiler

> Besides, if you read your text you'll see that's really not worth
> adding?  What has gcc to do with linking?  Why excluding all compilers
> because very few features cannot be used in the same way as gcc?  

It's not about excluding compilers. It's about documenting that there
are limitations. The other compilers aren't excluded, you are just
saying "if you use them, you are on your own".

> If you look at <sys/cdefs.h> you'll see that everything is prepared
> for other compilers using transparent renaming.

That might work in theory, but it doesn't work in
practice. E.g. SunPRO uses the pragma redefine_extname, but doesn't
support the C99 _Pragma.

> And one more thing: it should be just as well possible to change the
> headers a bit to handle the problem at hand a bit better without
> introducing more namespace violations.  Changing
>   #define readdir readdir64
> to
>   #define readdir ((struct dirent *(*) (DIR *)) readdir64)
> makes things work with only a little drawback: [...]

Can you please elaborate why that doesn't violate the namespace rules?
readdir still becomes an object-like macro, doesn't it?


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