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Re: PATCH: ldconfig.c considers entries before /lib,/usr/lib

Dirk Eddelbuettel <> writes:

> ldconfig -v [from Debian's libc6_2.2.4-1 package] reads /lib and /usr/lib
> before it considers the directories in /etc/  This is in conflict
> with as well as ldconfig(8).

It's completely irrelevant what the man pages say.  If they are not in
line with the implementation it's the implementation setting the

The current way ldconfig works is how it worked ever since.  There is
no reason to change it since this will have negative effects and might
suddenly change the behavior of people's systems.

If you depend on the order ldconfig searches directories you are doing
something wrong.  This is no tool to resolve conflicts.  There never
should be any conflicts since it's not possible to overwrite whatever
decision makes.  Solve it explicitly in the program (or via
shell script wrappers setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH or using LD_PRELOAD).

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