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Small fix for nis/nis_print.c

2001-05-25  Philipp Thomas  <>

	nis/nis_print.c (nis_nstype2str): Don't mark names of
	naming services for translation, only UNKNOWN needs it.
	Add comment to prevent it for the future.

--- nis/nis_print.c.old	Fri May 25 14:41:29 2001
+++ nis/nis_print.c	Fri May 25 14:49:26 2001
@@ -26,24 +26,27 @@
 static const char *
 nis_nstype2str (const nstype type)
+/* Name service names mustn't be translated, only UNKNOWN needs it */
   switch (type)
     case NIS:
-      return N_("NIS");
+      return "NIS";
     case SUNYP:
-      return N_("SUNYP");
+      return "SUNYP";
     case IVY:
-      return N_("IVY");
+      return "IVY";
     case DNS:
-      return N_("DNS");
+      return "DNS";
     case X500:
-      return N_("X500");
+      return "X500";
     case DNANS:
-      return N_("DNANS");
+      return "DNANS";
     case XCHS:
-      return N_("XCHS");
+      return "XCHS";
     case CDS:
-      return N_("CDS");
+      return "CDS";
       return N_("UNKNOWN");

Philipp Thomas <>
Development, SuSE GmbH, Deutscherrnstr. 15-19, D-90429 Nuremberg, Germany

Penguins shall save the dinosaurs
                          -- Handelsblatt about Linux on S/390

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