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About the glibc steering committee announcement

What does the FSF's announcement of a glibc Steering Committee
mean, and what will the new GNU C Library Steering Committee
be doing?

The intent of the steering committee is to address the policy and
planning issues of the GNU C Library project. The glibc development
and release processes are not changing, and continue to be led by
Ulrich Drepper, glibc's General Maintainer. What we want to do
is decrease the administrative burden, while allowing current
development to go on as it is now.

The steering committee's first task is to address licensing issues.
Other tasks will include closer coordination with GCC developers on
compatibility issues, clarification of nontechnical terminology in the
documentation, and maintenance of the glibc web pages at
The steering committee will be a focus for discussion and decision of
policy and planning issues facing the project, and should allow more
actual development work to be done by the code maintainers.

The steering committee acknowledges and supports the tremendous and
continuing work done by the GNU C Library developers past and present,
including (but certainly not limited to): the General Maintainer
Ulrich Drepper; the specific Platform Maintainers,
    hurd     Roland McGrath/Mark Kettenis
    ia64     Jes Sorensen/HJ Lu
    alpha    Richard Henderson
    arm      Philip Blundell
    m68k     Andreas Schwab
    mips     Andreas Jaeger/Ralf Baechle
    powerpc  Geoff Keating
    s390     Martin Schwidefsky
    sh       Kazumoto Kojima/Yutaka Niibe
    sparc    Jakub Jelinek

as well as all the skilled volunteers without whom glibc would not be
where it is today - here is a list of some of the many people who have
worked on glibc. We apologize in advance if we have left someone out,
as the community involvement in this project is large and with a long
history. In alphabetical order:

Miles Bader, Ralf Baechle, Scott Bambrough, Pat Beirne, Philip
Blundell, Per Bothner, John C. Bowman, Adam D. Bradley, Martin
Buchholz, Michael I. Bushnell, Geoff Clare, Ben
Collins, JT Conklin, Ulrich Drepper, Paul Eggert, Cristian Gafton,
Michael Glad, Wolfram Gloger, Torbjorn Granlund, Mike Haertel, Bruno
Haible, Shinya Hanataka, Isamu Hasegawa, Richard Henderson, Ealan
Henis, Miguel de Icaza, Andreas Jaeger, Jakub Jelinek, Geoff Keating,
Brendan Kehoe, Mark Kettenis, Kazumoto Kojima, Fila Kolodny, Thorsten
Kukuk, Kaz Kylheku, Doug Lea, H.J. Lu, Gordon Matzigkeit, Greg McGary,
Roland McGrath, Jason Merrill, Craig Metz, Jim Meyering, David S.
Miller, Alan Modra, David Mosberger, Stephen Moshier, Yutaka Niibe,
Hans-Peter Nilsson, Eric Norum, Moshe Olshansky, Tom Quinn, Anna
Reitman, Matthias Urlichs, Maciej W. Rozycki, Andreas Schwab, Martin
Schwidefsky, Joel Sherrill, Franz Sirl, Jes Sorensen, Richard
Stallman, Dick Streefland, Ian Lance Taylor, Stig Venaas, Masahide
Washizawa, Tim Waugh, Zack Weinberg, Hideaki Yoshifuji, Eric
Youngdale, and Abraham Ziv.

We on the steering committee hope to be a useful part of the glibc
development process, and look forward to a productive partnership with
Ulrich Drepper and the other glibc maintainers. In addition to the
official mail ID <>, you can certainly contact us
with concerns of a more private nature at my address below.

    Mark Brown (Chair)
    Paul Eggert
    Andreas Jaeger
    Jakub Jelinek
    Roland McGrath
    Andreas Schwab

Mark S. Brown                                   
Senior Technical Staff Member                    512.838.3926  T/L678.3926
Mark Brown/Austin/IBM                       IBM Corporation, Austin, Texas

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