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Re: More manual patches

Andreas Schwab wrote:

> Bruce <> writes:
> |> Index: manual/argp.texi
> |> ===================================================================
> |> RCS file: /cvs/glibc/libc/manual/argp.texi,v
> |> retrieving revision 2.12
> |> diff -u -r2.12 argp.texi
> |> --- argp.texi	2000/12/28 08:40:50	2.12
> |> +++ argp.texi	2001/05/17 07:49:05
> |> @@ -810,7 +810,7 @@
> |>  this flag is set, @code{ARGP_PARSE_ARGV0} is ignored, as @code{argv[0]}
> |>  is used as the program name in the error messages.  This flag implies
> |>  @code{ARGP_NO_EXIT} (on the assumption that silent exiting upon errors
> |> -is bad behaviour).
> |> +is bad behavior).
> AFAIK this (and some of the other changes) is british vs. american
> spelling.  What should be the standard in the manual?

That was the source of the changes for 'behaviour', 'initialise', and 
'authorised'.  In at least one place within the source, the American 
spelling 'inititialized' was used (crypt.h's crypt_data struct), while 
in the docs, the British spelling was used.  That and some quick greps 
seemed to show the American spellings as being more prevalent.  I'm 
happy to use either though and do the corrections for those words to 
British spelling if that is what is desired.

  - Bruce

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