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Re: __frame_state_for has dissappeared from libgcc

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 09:35:35PM +0200, Mark Kettenis wrote:
> The new exception handling code no longer defines __frame_state_for.
> Consequently, this symbol has disaapeared from libgcc.  One can raise
> similar objections to this as with __eprintf.  However contrary to the
> __eprintf-case, I expect that the removeal of __frame_state_for from
> the shared libgcc will cause serious problems, at least on GNU systems
> (the Hurd, Linux):

I already talked about this with Richard, who objected against supporting
__frame_state_for in libgcc_s. The end of discussion was basically that
libgcc_s should export fde *_Unwind_Find_Fde(void *pc) which glibc could use
to implement __frame_state_for (using frame-dwarf2.c cleaned up for
inclusion in glibc) - at least as I understood the BASES argument will not
be needed on the platforms which need __frame_state_for exported from glibc
(ie. alpha/s390/arm/i386/m68k/mips/ppc/sparc32/sparc64 linux and i386 hurd).
This would mean glibc would have to use as either DT_FILTER or
DT_AUXILIARY (if DT_AUXILIARY, it would have to provide some
_Unwind_Find_Fde implementation itself, either by being built with
-static-libgcc and exporting symbols exported by libgcc_s, or just providing
full frame.c+frame-dwarf2.c implementation with the find_fde with exported
_Unwind_Find_Fde alias).


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