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(Slightly off topic) Re: Patch for MIPS targets...

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A couple of weeks ago, some incompatible change to fix
dormant bug of MIPS tool chain was discussed, and I brought up
the topic of Sony's intention to release a beta(?) of linux for
the popular playstation 2 (based on MIPS CPU). 
It seemed that the release of the kernel and toolset was based on
somewhat old MIPS version of these software packages.
Since the expected number of initial shipment was 1000, this might
be a big increase of MIPS linux users and the version incompatibilty
could be a big problem.

In the last few days, Sony announced how to order the initial
1000 units shipment (and very soon added another 1000 units since
the demand was so large.).
According to the Sony announcement, all the units were booked 
8 minutes after the web page for ordering was made available.

I just learned the above today from a newgroup posting.
(I am not a MIPS linux user and so only kept track of the development
on and off.)

In the meantime, I tried to leave a message at Sony web site and asked
that the message be forwarded to the linux development team : that the 
version of the software Sony may release be upgraded to match
the proposed new fixed tools. 
I have no idea  whether the Sony people are aware of the version
problem now.

Anyway, since the number of initial users would be 2000 instead of
1000, there surely will be some confusion in the long term.

Sony has made it clear that
the software plus the connector kits seem to be available 
in Japan only.
Maybe the Japanese user community might take care of the version
problem eventually. At least, Sony warned the shipment is meant for
only seasoned linux users and there would be no hand-holding as far as 
the gneric linux-related topics are concerened.
So hopefully, someone be able to figure out how to convert the
tools and libraries to new versions: admittedly a rather difficult task
best left to distribution packagers.

Just thought to inform those of you who have showed interest in this

     Ishikawa, Chiaki  or         
 (family name, given name)
    Personal Media Corp.      ** Remove .NoSpam at the end before use **     
  Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 142-0051

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