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Re: LC_MESSAGES problem ?

Won-kyu Park <> writes:

> People do not know about the *OUTPUT_CHARSET* and some time may
> have an error message like "???? ???? ". and they think about it,
> *Boooo, It so funny... what's up with my linux box ??*

Well, it's the task of the people who write programs and or
distributions to fix the programs.  If something is broken it cannot
be expected to work.

> When we go to the UNICODE land, what the default charset is ?
> ASCII (defined in the C-ctypes.c) ? I don't think so.

If you want to use Unicode you'll use a locale using the UTF-8 charset.

> translation messages have its own charset info. If we convert it all
> to UTF8 encoding, the reasonable charset for this translation is as its
> own UTF8. (previous message describe my humble *idea*)

You don't have to recode any of the translations, the libc does this
automatically on the fly.

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