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Re: Default installation of UTF-8 locales

Markus Kuhn <> writes:

> I do fully understand that UTF-8 locale files consume a bit more disk
> space, but I think it is very important symbolically that at least the
> following ones are installed by default and considered to be officially
> supported in 2.2

No.  And exactly for the reason you got a reply: every
"i18n-enthusiast" in every country will jump up and say "me too".  I
already get complains about the size of all the unused data installed
and the time to make the installation (it really takes quite some time
to process UTF-8 locales on slow and small systems).

It is easy enough to generate the new locales.  Just have the
appropriate <LANG>-HOWTO document this.  If this would be a problem of
some sort I didn't mind adding the locales.  But it's not, everybody
can do it.

I also have no problem with making a general change to UTF-8 in due
time.  We'll simply make a switch with one future glibc version.  But
this time is not there yet.

If you want to make a sign write HOWTOs and other documentation
showing people how to correctly internationalize applications and how
they can easily test this in an UTF-8 locale.

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