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Re: The behavor of printing out libc message catalog without calling setlocale()

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>> This loophole saves the transition in a way, but also gives the
>> programming community excuses not to insert necessary setlocale()
>> calls in the favorite programs any time soon.
>Not really.  Since the character set is not set appropriately the
>messages will be garbled for most languages.

I see.
(I guess that the output of df translated in my case after
all the LC_* and LANG were reset were some kind of fluke.
My memory is hazy now, but I thought the message was not garbled.
But I can be wrong here.)

I agree that "LANGUAGE" do have its use in cases like the ones
you mentioned in answering GOTO-san's e-mail.

It is just a matter of inserting setlocale() in many, many popular 
programs now.
(And, to persuade the maintainers that it would be a good idea...)

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