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On 7 Nov 2000, Ulrich Drepper wrote:

> Jungshik Shin <> writes:
> > It was brought into my attention that recent snapshots of glibc has \0x5c
> > in EUC-KR mapped to U20A9 instead of U005C.
> This was done on request of some Korean people.  Now you are telling
> me again the opposite is what you expect.

How many times have you changed this? Just once, right?. I submitted a
draft of the module (with U005C identically mapped to \0x5c) two years
ago and you  changed it a month ago(?). 
> I'm sick of this.  Either you all get to the same conclusion or it
> will stay as it is.

I understand what you're saying(You might have dealt with similar issues
in Japanese and Simplified Chinese locales) However,  could I say you
might as well have verified what they had said or sought a second opinion
on the issue before making an actual change especially considering what
I had written to you and Bruno  about \0x5c problem in JOHAB before your
change was made?

Anyway, I'll try to talk some people out of their position that
\0x5c be mapped to U20A9 in EUC-KR and get back.        

Jungshik Shin

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