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Re: glibc-2.1.97 fixes from USAGI Project

Hideaki YOSHIFUJI (吉藤英明) <> writes:

> Please apply these fixes (mainly related to IPv6) for glibc-2.2.
> Summary:
>   1. repair getnameinfo() sin6_socpe_id support.
>   2. repair getaddrinfo() sin6_scope_id support.
>   3. repair getnameinfo() NI_NOFQDN flag.
>   4. improve linux22 compatibility.
>   5. check if flags are valid for getnameinfo().
>   6. ease raw socket creation.

Thanks for the patch but it's far too late for 2.2.  I'll not add it
before the release.

Also, I won't add the patches for #4 above.  IPv6 ins Linux 2.2 is
broken.  Therefore people who are honest about using IPv6 have to
update.  It is wrong to pollute the code with compatibility code for
non-standard broken code.

If you can remove this code and resend it I'll consider it for 2.2.1.

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