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Test suites for 1003.1d/1003.1j/1003.1q (fwd)

This might be of interest, please contact Andrew for details.


------- Forwarded Message
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 15:52:08 GMT
From: Andrew Josey <>
Subject: (pasc-gen 375) Announcing Test suites for 1003.1d/1003.1j/1003.1q

The Open Group is pleased to announce general availability of
the latest update to its conformance test suite family, a
family of  test suites for the latest POSIX realtime amendments :
IEEE Stds 1003.1d-1999, 1003.1j-2000 and 1003.1q-2000.
These are now available as the VSRTE, VSART and VSTRC test suites

Special thanks are  due to the US Department of
Defense Open Systems Joint Task Force who funded this development

For more information on the test suites please let me know.
best regards
Andrew Josey                                The Open Group
Director, Server Platforms                  Apex Plaza,Forbury Road,
Email:                Reading,Berks.RG1 1AX,England
Tel:   +44 118 9508311 ext 2250             Fax: +44 118 9500110

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