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Supported locales list update

At least those UTF-8 locales that are most likely to be used in FAQs and
HOWTOs as examples should also appear in the localedata/SUPPORTED list.

Patch attached.

Also: Would it be possible to add a "C.UTF-8" and "C.ISO8859-1" locale?
It would be extremely convenient to have such locales that activate just
certain encodings, but that behave in all other aspects (in particular
sorting!) not different from the "C" locale.

For example, if I select "en_GB.ISO8859-1", then ls starts to sort
"properly" uppercase and lowercase characters together, although I do
prefer the classic stupid "C" strcmp sorting scheme that makes sure that
README and Makefile show up at the beginning of the listing. A
"C.ISO8859-1" locale would fix this easily. Note that stupid strcmp
sorting on UTF-8 is also "C" and "C.ISO8859-1" compatible and
practically useful.


Markus G. Kuhn, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK
Email: mkuhn at,  WWW: <>

RCS file: /cvs/glibc/libc/localedata/SUPPORTED,v
retrieving revision 1.43
diff -c -r1.43 SUPPORTED
*** SUPPORTED	2000/10/27 19:34:54	1.43
--- SUPPORTED	2000/11/03 09:06:59
*** 31,49 ****
--- 31,53 ----
  de_BE@euro ISO-8859-15
  de_CH ISO-8859-1
  de_DE ISO-8859-1
+ de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8
  de_DE@euro ISO-8859-15
  de_LU ISO-8859-1
  de_LU@euro ISO-8859-15
  el_GR ISO-8859-7
+ el_GR.UTF-8 UTF-8
  en_AU ISO-8859-1
  en_BW ISO-8859-1
  en_CA ISO-8859-1
  en_DK ISO-8859-1
  en_GB ISO-8859-1
+ en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
  en_IE ISO-8859-1
  en_IE@euro ISO-8859-15
  en_NZ ISO-8859-1
  en_US ISO-8859-1
+ en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
  en_ZA ISO-8859-1
  en_ZW ISO-8859-1
  es_AR ISO-8859-1
*** 79,84 ****
--- 83,89 ----
  fr_CA ISO-8859-1
  fr_CH ISO-8859-1
  fr_FR ISO-8859-1
+ fr_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8
  fr_FR@euro ISO-8859-15
  fr_LU ISO-8859-1
  fr_LU@euro ISO-8859-15
*** 98,103 ****
--- 103,109 ----
  it_IT@euro ISO-8859-15
  iw_IL ISO-8859-8
+ ja_JP.UTF-8 UTF-8
  kl_GL ISO-8859-1
  ko_KR.UTF-8 UTF-8
*** 120,125 ****
--- 126,132 ----
  ro_RO ISO-8859-2
  ru_RU ISO-8859-5
  ru_RU.KOI8-R KOI8-R
+ ru_RU.UTF-8 UTF-8
  ru_UA KOI8-U
  sk_SK ISO-8859-2
  sl_SI ISO-8859-2
*** 135,140 ****
--- 142,149 ----
  vi_VN UTF-8
  zh_CN GB2312
  zh_CN.GB18030 GB18030
+ zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8
  zh_TW BIG5
+ zh_TW.UTF-8 UTF-8

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